Stan Lee
Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of POW! Entertainment
(Legendary Comic Superhero Creator)

I was lucky enough to meet Saki in 2005. No sooner did I tell her that I was interested in collaborating with Japanese companies, than she referred me to about five likely candidates. We finally decided to work with Studio Bones and Wowmax, with whom we successfully co-produced HERO-MAN. Presently, Saki is in the process of helping to make another project happen for us.

I have found Saki to be a most competent worker with great organizational skills. She sets up all necessary meetings and phone conferences and facilitates our communication with Japanese companies, using her valuable bilingual skills. It goes without saying that her company does excellent work translating both business and creative documents. Iíve found Saki and her people to be always pleasant, efficient and totally cooperative.

In short, Saki and her associates are a pleasure to work with. I have learned that you can count on Saki LLC.
Motoe Kawai
Marketing Director of 20th Century Fox Japan, Inc.

We have used Saki LLC to provide us with an interpreter for multiple projects in Los Angeles. The interpreters were excellent and easy to work with. We have also used Saki LLC to translate our business documents on numerous occasions. They are highly professional, diligently thorough and finish the jobs promptly with utmost accuracy. They would even turn in the translation overnight utilizing the time difference (between Japan and the United States). Saki LLC is an extremely dependable company.