We offer a unique combination of comprehensive linguistic ability and well-developed business acumen, coupled with vast knowledge in a broad range of highly specialized fields.
Interpretation Fee Schedule

Half Day: $350 - $750
Full Day: $650 - $1200
(The rate varies depending upon the technicality. A discount is available for non-profit organizations and/or for multiple-day bookings. Please e-mail the details of the assignment for our quote.)

Terms and Conditions:
  • Any fraction of a day involving more than 4 hours but fewer than 8 hours will be billed at the Full-Day Rate.
  • Any fraction of a day of fewer than 4 hours will be billed at the Half-Day Rate, unless it involves working through the lunch hour. The Full-Day Rate will apply if the assignment requires working through the lunch hour.
  • Anything over 8 hours is considered as overtime at 1.5 times the hourly rate. (Daily Rate, 8 Hours x 1.5 = Overtime Rate.)
  • Briefing time and the time to study briefing materials in advance of the job are subject to the Advance Study Fees.
  • Travel expenses such as for airfare and car rental, hotel accommodations and per diem are considered additional charges.
  • The Travel Day Rate may be applied, depending on the job.
Cancellation Policy:
  • 100% of contracted amount needs to be paid if cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled work.
  • 50% if cancelled within 4-6 days.
  • No charge if cancelled 7 days or more in prior.
  • Plus, the full cost of transportation and/or lodging, if already booked by Saki LLC and cannot be refunded upon the time of the job cancellation.
At our discretion, an interpreting assignment may be subject to a Coordination Fee. The Client will be informed in advance of the assignment of the amount of the Coordination Fee to be charged, if any.